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Alvis | 180 Degree Impact

Case Study

2100 Stella Court, Columbus, OH 43215


Alvis House was looking for a larger complex to house their corporate headquarters and combine multiple offices under one roof. The building needed to be close to public transportation, close to its other locations in Franklin County, and have enough parking for employees and visitors.


Peter and Matt identified a vacant property that was formally used as a headquarters and met all of the requirements. After multiple site tours and three months of negotiating, Alvis House went into contract on June 22, 2009 on what they believed would become their future home.

After completing months of due diligence, Alive House was unable to obtain a variance to accommodate its parking needs. Exhausting every measure, Alvis House decided, on March 2, 2010, to redirect its efforts to a new location.


Within a week, Peter and Matt were able to uncover another property located in Columbus that matched the Alvis House’s needs. The building, located at 2100 Stella Court, was set to go to auction. After successfully convincing the seller to delay the auction and consider the offer from Alvis House, the building was put in contract on April 12th.

Final Obstacle

NFIP, the National Flood Insurance Program, lapsed on May 28th. When Congress failed to re-authorize the bill before going into recess, the deal was delayed. Matt and Pete researched and presented alternative insurance vehicles, but within a few weeks Congress came back into session and they worked on an extension for NFIP. On June 30th, the bill passed.


After all of the twists and turns, the 51,089 SF three-story building at 2100 Stella Court gave Alvis House plenty of room to house all of their various departments and programs under one roof and gave them the oversized parking lot they needed. It ended up being a more preferred location and at a better value.

“We have grown significantly in the past few years and had to lease space at three separate locations in order to accommodate the needs of the agency.  Moving into this new building will significantly improve our operational efficiency and improve our ability to serve the community. I am also delighted with the personal commitment made by both Peter and Matt to find us a property that met all of Alvis House’s needs.  The time and effort they have put forth has been invaluable.”
- Denise M. Robinson, President and CEO

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