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Prior to Move

☐Create a checklist of all activities to be completed

☐Appoint an inner office coordinator

☐Find a commercial realtor

☐Determine requirements

☐Setup site tour of available properties

☐Figure out potential layouts of the new location

☐Negotiate with short list

☐Find a real estate attorney

☐Sign lease or purchase contract

☐Pay security or earnest money deposit

☐Find a commercial lender

☐Schedule property inspection

☐Design the office space layout

☐Identify any tenant improvements required

☐Select contractors

☐Get any permits required

☐Order new telephone and fax numbers


Three to Four Months Prior

☐Create a budget for the move

☐Hire a company to handle the move

☐Order new signage

☐Find a commercial cleaner

☐Order change of address labels

☐Place order for new equipment and furniture

☐Decide on the date for moving

☐Let employees know the general plans


Two to Three Months Prior

☐Evaluate phones and upgrade if needed

☐Order extra phone lines if required

☐Evaluate the server room

☐Schedule internet connection

☐Order your VoIP or long distance

☐Assign the new office space

☐Arrange for equipment to be moved or order new equipment

☐Construct new office space


One to Two Months Prior

☐Toss junk and clutter

☐Let customers and vendors know the new address

☐Update website

☐Arrange for insurance at new office

☐Setup security

☐Arrange for parking at new office

☐Order keys and access cards

☐Order vending machines

☐Arrange for coffee and/or water service

☐Update financial records and order new checks

☐Order new stationary



Weeks Before Move

☐Inventory computer equipment

☐Label and inventory the furniture

☐Label any wall items and move

☐Arrange storage if required

☐Gather moving supplies

☐Pack items and place in common area

☐Have the new furniture installed

☐Have phone system installed

☐Arrange for phone numbers and extensions

☐Setup utility appointments

☐Order change of address service with post office

☐Make sure contractor has obtained necessary occupancy permits


Moving Week

☐Provide staff with map of new location

☐Get staff to pack their desks and personal items

☐Label all items

☐Back up computers

☐Disassemble furniture for moving

☐Do not plan anything important such as interviews or meetings

☐Let clients and vendors know you may not be available

☐Distribute keys and cards to staff

☐Clean and defrost fridge

☐Inspect the new space

☐Reserve any loading docks and the freight elevator for move day

☐Designate staff to instruct movers and guide them

☐Take care of anything else last minute that comes up


Moving Day

☐Give staff the day off unless they are assisting with the move

☐Collect keys and cards from the staff

☐Arrange for refreshments and food for the staff and movers

☐Post signs to help movers find the new office space

☐Protect the floors from traffic

☐Move any plants to their new location

☐Clear everything from old office

☐Have a lost and found location

☐Hang up artwork

☐Have a welcome breakfast for employees on their first day back

☐Introduce yourself to your neighbors

☐Sit back and enjoy an Arnold Palmer

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