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Kappa Kappa Gamma


Case Study

530-538 E Town Street, Columbus, OH 43215

About the Kappa Kappa Gamma HQ

Kappa Kappa Gamma, a national sorority, had been headquartered in a historic building in Old Town East since the 1950s. This location was more than just their office – it was part of the KKG legacy. Employees, the board, current members, and alumnae all felt connected to this property. But by 2014, the building clearly no longer worked for the growing needs of the organization.

Giving Every Member a Voice

In 2014, KKG hired NAI Ohio Equities, along with an architect, to evaluate their options: renovate, buy new, lease, or build ground up. Over the next six months, NAI showed KKG approximately 20 different properties while the architect calculated renovation costs. After evaluating their options, the board voted to build ground up. 

However, when the decision was announced, the board received a lot of feedback from the rest of the organization. They wanted an opportunity to voice their opinions, so the board decided to put the project on hold to solicit all the stakeholders’ input.

Building Internal Support

For 18 months, KKG analyzed membership surveys, conducted focus groups, and held internal discussions to determine the best course of action. Throughout this period, NAI Ohio Equities met frequently with the board and employees to answer questions and help guide them through the process. Their support helped the board build the internal consensus needed to maintain momentum on the project. With the membership now on board, KKG was ready to restart the property search.

“Matt and the team went above and beyond to get everyone on board with the decision to move. They made us all feel comfortable and at ease throughout the entire process and were patient and helpful during this lengthy journey.”

KKG Bridge Park building signage.jpg

Finding a New Home

Working with NAI, KKG found a space to lease at Bridge Park in Dublin. This new development had ample space with many walkable nearby amenities. Their new location would help foster the collaboration and sense of community the organization needed to operate more effectively. 

The new office design combined artifacts from their history with modern office features. When the design was circulated, everyone fell in love with the space, making the entire three-year process worth the effort.

The Final Sale

The final challenge left was to sell the existing property. NAI Ohio Equities listed the property, had multiple offers within days, and helped KKG select the best one. The property closed February 2018, just weeks after KKG had moved to their new location.

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