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What is Tenant/Buyer Representation?

Companies are tasked with tremendous responsibilities to their customers, clients and to the bottom line profitability of their organizations. Therefore, the talents of their managers and staff need to be focused on the mission of their organization. Responsibilities outside of their expertise are best left to the organizations that have the expertise to provide those services. When a need for new or expanded corporate facility occurs, there are several functions that must be addressed in order to make a successful move or upgrade. That is why companies rely on the expertise of NAI Ohio Equities for comprehensive tenant and buyer representation services. We find the ideal site for your company, and negotiate the best terms and conditions of your lease or purchase. 

It is very important to note that the leasing/listing broker and property manager have a contract with the landlord and thereby owe that landlord certain fiduciary duties. These duties include the responsibility to negotiate the best possible lease or sale terms and conditions for the landlord. This is where tenant/buyer representation is important. By representing you, we are legally bound to aggressively negotiate lease or purchase terms and conditions that serve your best interests. Also, keep in mind that you, the tenant/buyer, pay us nothing for our services. Our commission comes from the leasing or selling broker after you agree to the lease or purchase terms that we negotiate on your behalf. Therefore, there is absolutely no reason for a tenant or buyer to be unrepresented; our real estate market knowledge, experience, advice, and expertise is all free to be used at your discretion - allowing you to focus on your business.

Why Choose a Tenant Representation Firm?

Choosing a site without extensive market knowledge may turn into a costly mistake due to inferior property, space, or location selection. Furthermore, the person or team within the company is tasked with a tremendous and time-consuming job of identifying the property and negotiating the terms of the lease or purchase - often at the expense of doing the job they are best suited for within their organization. Many companies drive by buildings and respond to availability signs, solicit availability information from databases and the internet, and try to get as many commercial real estate brokers involved in the process. This method creates chaos and confusion about the intentions of the company involved and usually results in a duplication of effort on behalf of the company and the commercial real estate brokerage community. In this process your company is not represented by anyone looking after your specific interest, and you thus subject to the whims of the market. Common mistakes include:   

  • Not knowing all the properties available;

  • Not knowing how to negotiate the optimum transaction for the company at the lowest possible price - without losing the transaction due to outside competition for the same property;

  • Not knowing how to complete the transaction and the subsequent move to the property.


Unfortunately, companies think they are saving money by doing the job themselves. Nothing can be further from the truth, especially considering that the leasing/listing broker pays the tenant/buyer representation fee. In addition, companies also save money by utilizing the free expertise rendered by a commercial real estate brokerage firm that is highly experienced in tenant/buyer representation. Acting as your company’s virtual real estate department, NAI Ohio Equities will save your firm time and money by using our market knowledge and negotiating skills to get the job done in a thorough and efficient manner. As a results, your time and focus can remain dedicated to your core business pursuits.

Comprehensive Services

We seek long term relationships with our clients, and therefore focus all of our energy on providing companies with the highest possible customer satisfaction. In doing so, we offer our clients the services they will need to make an intelligent, well-informed, and smooth transition to the location of their choosing.

To make your real estate leasing or buyer as painless as possible we provide comprehensive services through all phases of the process, which include:

In-Depth Market Analysis

  • Vacancy Rates

  • Local, Regional, and National Market Conditions & Projections

Request for Proposal (RFP)


  • Lease Analysis with Side-By-Side Comparisons

  • Lease Negotiation

  • Space Planning & Build-Out Coordination

  • Incentive Procurement & Management

  • Lease Auditing Services

Property Search & Evaluation

  • In-Person Property Tours

  • Space Survey

    • Building Class, Amenities​

    • Asking Rental Rates

    • Lease Term Information

    • Square Footage & Suite Descriptions

    • Parking Information

    • Photos - Building, Lobby, Views

    • Floor Plans

    • Duration of Vacancies, Leasing Track Record

    • Property Management Information

    • Population and Demographic Mapping of the Area

    • Advantages vs. Disadvantages Analysis of each Location

Moving Coordination

  • Furniture Selection

  • Construction Estimates

  • IT Specialists

  • Moving Companies

If given the opportunity to handle your real estate needs, you will quickly discover that we are unwavering in our dedication to creating value, reducing risk, solving problems, and promoting the business success of all our clients. 

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