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Northwoods II

Landlord Representation Case Study

8101 N High Street, Columbus, OH 43235


A banked owned property at 10% occupancy that was REO for upwards of 18 months that sold to an out-of-state investor who hired us to lease up the property.


The building was outdated and in desperate need of major renovation. The brokerage community and tenants in the market were uneasy about the future potential of the building.


In conjunction with a $1.2 million renovation, NAI Ohio Equities re-branded the property with all new marketing, floor plans, renderings, and positive press in local business journals, regained the trust of the brokers and tenants in the market and began signing new tenants immediately. 


Since taking over the building in August 2016, we have successfully signed 10 leases totaling 90,800 SF making the building 90% occupied.

Notable Tenants Signed


Ricoh USA. Inc.

Kaman & Cusimano

Ruoff Mortgage Company

Carrington Mortgage Services

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