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The value of working with a Realtor

If you ask any real estate agent they will be glad to tell you what the value is of working with a Realtor as opposed to attempting to “do it yourself.” Most of the traditional responses center around it not being the best use of your time or not having the market knowledge. Others will go on to say it’s their negotiation experience or access to product. While all of these remarks are certainly valid, I wanted to shed a slightly different viewpoint on the topic.

I often find myself being told by my clients, “I wish I would have reached out to you from the beginning” or “I’ve been trying to get ahold of so and so for weeks and have never heard back.” I’m sure both of these statements seem fairly familiar to you, but what exactly is different about working with a realtor than trying to do something yourself? The answer is actually pretty simple, people are more likely to return calls from people they know and have worked with in the past as opposed to an unknown number.

Unfortunately, in this fast paced world of text messaging and incessant email, it’s hard to get someone to return your calls or respond to your simple email. Because of our reputation in the industry, we have access to all of the right people. Whether that’s a property owner, city official, contractor, architect or even another listing agent we have the name recognition and communication skills to get the answers you need and deserve.

Just recently, we had a client who was trying to get a zoning question answered by a local municipality. They had left numerous voicemails and emails for the planning & building director without a response. After hearing this we immediately reached out to aforementioned person who we had dealt with many times in the past and had an answer back the same day. In another situation, we had a prospect call us to schedule a showing on one of our buildings. During that showing we found out that they had attempted to set up showings for other buildings on the same street, but we were the only agent that called them back which went a long way towards earning their business.

So, the next time you have a commercial real estate need, take the stress out of the equation by making the one call you know will be returned and find out for yourself our ability to get things done.

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